RevoluDrones MX-1a

The RevoluDrones MX-1a epitomizes the advances made in miniaturization of drone technology. This model has a fuselage weight of just 150g.

The RevoluDones MX-1a comes feature-packed with the following:
  • Dual-lens industrial-grade camera with 4K wide-angle and 1080p optical flow lens, both fully equipped with EIS electronic anti-shake protection
  • Super-long operation time of 25 minutes provides class-leading range for drones of this class and weight
  • Extreme precision GPS (Global Positioning System) with automated low-power, no-signal, one-key return among other advanced features
  • The miniature-sized drone fuselage weight of 150g has the added advantage of being able to bypass regulatory requirements in certain countries, as well as added portability and ease of carry
  • Modular battery design, provides for easy replacement and extended operating hours with no hassle
Every RevoluDrones UAV comes with the following:
  • Designed with ease of use in mind – no complicated controls to learn. Even beginners can be flying in almost no time at all
  • 5G control frequency ensures uninterrupted, seamless controls and instantaneous, high-definition transmission of images back to base
  • Brushless motor technology provides maximum wind resistance and extends useful life of each RevoluDrone
  • Long flight range allows for industrial applications not possible with past-gen technologies
  • Official apps for all major smartphone platforms provide advanced navigational features, including flight-point intelligent route planning
  • A travel case custom-designed to fit each drone model perfectly and provides absolute protection
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